Knife of Dreams: Chapter 22

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Author: Leora Oldessroth

Two Gulls Chapter Icon.png

To Make an Anchor Weep

Chapter Icon: Two gulls, wings outspread, facing each other

Point of View: Harine din Togara

Setting: The Blue Gull, Zaida's ship

Characters: Harine din Togara, Zaida, Jadein, Shalon, Lincora, Wallein, Niolle, Lacine, Pelanna, Caire, Mareil, Tebreille, Amylia, Logain, Cemeille din Selaan Long Eyes, Shielyn, Turane


Logain meets with the leaders of the Sea Folk as Rand's ambassador informing them they need to fulfill their part of the Bargain and transport food and supplies to Bandar Eban. The meeting is interrupted by the news all of the Amayar killed themselves because they believe it's the end of time.


Harine, Jadein and Shalon are in a boat, going out to the ship of Zaida, the Blue Gull. The First Twelve of the Atha'an Miere are meeting on the ship. The harbor is full of Sea Folk ships and captured Seanchan ships that Sea Folk have taken over. Harine tells Shalon not to worry - they survived Shadar Logoth and Cadsuane, so they can survive anything.

Harine and Shalon climb up onto Zaida's ship and are greeted by other Wavemistresses and their Windfinders: Turane, Serile, Lincora, Walleine, Niolle, Lacine, Pelanna, Caire and Tebreille. Lincora and Wallein ignore them, Niolle scowls at them and Lacine seems shocked they are there. Pelanna mockingly asks Harine if she is recovered from the beating she received over the bargain made with Rand. Caire doesn't find Pelanna's questions funny. Harine ignores them.

Harine is glad to see Mareil and Tebreille. Mareil tells her to ignore the others. Harine recalls that her bargain with Rand was deemed "deficient". She had been stripped, hung by her ankles, stretched and tied to a set of rings in the deck and then strapped until she screamed - all in front of the First Twelve and the new Mistress of the Ships. She takes courage from Min's viewing that one day she will be the Mistress of the Ships.

Zaida, the new Mistress of the Ships, and Shielyn, her Windfinder, arrive, with Amylia (an Aes Sedai) in tow. Zaida announces that the man - an ambassador from Rand - has not arrived yet as the women begin finding their seats. Amylia serves wine as a punishment for trying to desert on three occasions, although she does not seem to know the proper order to serve the First Twelve.

Turane comes in to announce that Rand's ambassador has arrived by a gateway placed a foot above the ship's deck. Zaida tells Turane to send him in, but not to rush. Rand's ambassador turns out to be Logain. Amylia speaks up, saying that Logain is a false Dragon and that to deal with him will incur the wrath of the White Tower. Zaida does not fear that at all and says so. Logain inquires as to whether Amylia's loyalty lies with Elaida or Egwene. Zaida answers for her, saying that Amylia's loyalty is to her for the next year. She asks Logain what Rand wants and where he is.

Logain refuses to divulge Rand's whereabouts as Rand wants them kept secret. Rand has requested that the Sea Folk fulfill their side of the Bargain and provide ships to carry food and supplies to Bandar Eban from Illian and Tear. Logain says they will be transporting supplies for more than a million people - to the shock of the women - and that they must begin immediately.

Turane comes in again and, ignoring protocol, runs to Zaida and whispers something in her ear. Zaida is horrified and tells Turane to "send her in". She tells Logain that he must wait.

Cemaeille din Selaan Long Eyes enters the cabin with bad news. She informs the women that three weeks ago the Amayar began asking the gift of passage to each of the Sea Folk islands, and all of the Amayar left the Sea Folk ports. When the Sea Folk noticed that none had returned, people were sent to Amayar villages. All the Amayar were dead or dying. They had all poisoned themselves in the belief that the end of Illusion had come and that it was the end of time; this was signaled by the melting of The Great Hand on Tremalking. None of the Amayar could be saved. Zaida says ships must go immediately to every island to see if anyone is still alive.

Logain agrees that a tragedy has occurred but says that the ships are committed to Rand. Zaida insists the Sea Folk must mourn. Logain tells her that she can "mourn on the march for Tarmon Gai'don."

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