Tebreille din Gelyn South Wind

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Tebreille din Gelyn South Wind is the Windfinder to Mareil, one of the First Twelve Wavemistresses of the Atha'an Miere (KoD, Ch. 22). She is slightly smaller than her sister and more than handsome, with a stern face, a straight nose, a strong chin and big, nearly black eyes. She wears eight fat earrings, four in each ear, and a multitude of overlapping medallions, nearly as many as Zaida (TPoD, Ch. 5; WH, Ch. 11).

She is Caire din Gelyn Running Wave's sister and Talaan din Gelyn's aunt (WH, Ch. 11).

She is haughty and looks at the "shore-bound" with icy disdain (WH, Ch. 11).


  • Renaile picks her out to be part of the circle that activates the Bowl of the Winds. Tebreille stands to Caire's right and is dissatisfied that her sister assumes command of the circle (TPoD, Ch. 4).
  • She is present at Nynaeve's lessons with the apprentices, sitting on the outermost chair. When Zaida steps up to Nynaeve, the Windfinders follow her in order of rank, Caire and Tebreille ignoring each other as they assume positions directly behind Zaida (WH, Ch. 11).
  • After learning of Nesta's death, the Sea Folk in the Royal Palace want to go to Illian immediately to elect a new Mistress of the Ships. Zaida bargains with Elayne and about who to leave in the Palace; as a Windfinder to a Clan Wavemistress, Tebreille is too important to leave behind, which Elayne expected (CoT, Ch. 12).


She and her sister hate each other with a passion (WH, Ch. 11). Harine thinks both would slit the other's throat for a copper or, better yet, see the other reduced to cleaning the bilges (KoD, Ch. 22).

Talaan is loyal to her mother, thus dislikes Tebreille, too. She calls her sly and deceitful, celebrating any humiliation she can cause Caire and Talaan thinks her aunt deserves serving on a soarer "beneath a Sailmistress with an iron hand and sore teeth" (WH, Ch. 11). Tebreille, however, is concerned about her niece after her disappearance (KoD, Ch. 22).

Merilille jumps every time Tebreille or any of the Windfinders to a Clan Wavemistress issue a command (TPoD, Ch. 20).


"Caire silently pointed to a spot at her right side; Tebreille did not speak either, nor did she hesitate in standing where her sister pointed, but her face was stone. With her, a circle of thirteen women surrounded the Bowl nearly shoulder-to-shoulder. Caire’s eyes almost sparkled. Tebreille’s were leaden. Elayne was reminded of another of Lini’s sayings. No knife is sharper than a sister’s hate." (Elayne observing; The Path of Daggers, Chapter 5)