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Unless stated otherwise, all information herein is taken from TWoRJTWoT, Ch. 26.

Military Organisation


In most armies, the highest official rank is captain, then Senior Lieutenant, Under Lieutenant and Lieutenant. Cavalry have the further ranks of Bannerman and Squadman, and infantry Bannerman and File Leader, all of which can have the "senior" added. Armies owing allegiance to a noble will typically have a man who has overall responsibility for them. He may be known as a Lance-Captain, Sword Captain, Master of the Horse or Master of the Lances depending on the nation (Path of Daggers, Glossary).

The head of Ghealdan's military is called the First Captain of Gheldan. Currently this position is held by Gerard Arganda (TGS, Ch. 9).

The head of Mayene's military is called the Lord Captain of the Winged Guards. Currently this position is held by Bertain Gallenne (TGS, Ch. 9).

National Armies

Most standing national armies in the Westlands are small, a few thousand men at most and are only increased when needed. This is done though intermediaries, who use their own money to recruit and promote men in their own ranks.

National armies include
  • Amadicia: Guardians of the Gate
  • Andor: The Queen's Guard
  • Ghealdan: The Legion of the Wall
  • Illian: The Companions in Illian
  • Mayene: The Winged Guard
  • Tarabon: The King's Life Guard and the Panarch's Legion
  • Tear: The Defenders of the Stone in Tear

Aes Sedai Forces

Traditionally, the Aes Sedai and Tar Valon have had just a small force of a few thousand at most, the Tower Guard. Following the split, in which the Younglings emerged, both camps began to build up their own armed force.

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The Aiel

The Aiel do not have their own national army, but each clan is capable of raising a force from each of the Warrior Societies. Members of the same Society will not fight each other.

The Seanchan

Main article: Seanchan (Military)

The Seanchan have a large armed force, that utilises the Seanchan exotics and damane as well as their own military prowess and knowledge. They have been so successful that they refer to themselves as "The Ever Victorious Army""

Other Armies

Some armies are not affiliated with any specific nation, but instead follow a leader or philosophy. These include

The Children of the Light

Main article: Children of the Light

The Children of the Light are an independent military organization, was founded by Lothair Mantelar during the War of the Hundred Years with its headquarters in Amadicia. Their main purpose is defeating the Dark One, Shadowspawn and Darkfriends.

The Legion of the Dragon

Main article: Legion of the Dragon

The Legion of the Dragon is a military formation, composed of men sworn to Rand al'Thor, originally formed from those who failed the test to see if they could learn how to channel.

The Band of the Red Hand

Main article: Band of the Red Hand

The band of the Red Hand is an army, under the command of Matrim Cauthon formed from men drawn to him because of his military prowess. Unlike most Westland armies, it is not comprised units whose size varies according to their commander, but is highly structured.