The Gathering Storm: Chapter 9

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Wolf Chapter Icon.png

Leaving Malden

Chapter Icon: A Wolf

Point of View: Perrin

Setting: Outside Malden

Characters: Perrin, Arganda, Gallenne, Balwer, Tam, Aravine


Perrin decides to go north to Rand whose pull he can feel.


Arganda complains to Perrin that Alliandre is too tired to march. Perrin says she can have a horse but she will go with everyone else. Gallenne suggests charging the remaining Shaido to scatter them, but Perrin refuses him as well. Balwer comes to see him next, wanting more time to search the city and complaining about the Shaido Wise Ones all being given to the Seanchan. Tam comes to him, telling him he should do his duty to the Two Rivers folk and not abandon them. He starts the refugees north, saying he can feel the effect of Rand's ta'veren nature pulling at him.

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