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Author: Kyria d'Oreyn


Latra Posae Decume was an Aes Sedai during the Age of Legends and the leader of the Fateful Concord.

From the little that is known about her, she was apparently a considerably persuasive speaker and thus gained much support from the female Aes Sedai.

The only document that tells of Latra Posae was found in a storeroom in the Aesdaishar Palace of Chachin by Jorille Mondevin. With those pages she later wrote "The Strike at Shayol Ghul".

Some say she possibly saved the female Aes Sedai from the Dark One's taint by opposing Lews Therin's plan of sealing the Bore directly and thus keeping the female Aes Sedai from forming a circle with the men at Shayol Ghul.


  • During the War of the Shadow, she opposed Lews Therin Telamon in the Hall of the Servants. His plan was to attack Shayol Ghul itself and place seven seals on the Bore, which was too dangerous in the opinion of most, since a little mistake in the placing of those "focus-points" could have freed the Dark One completely. Her plan was to construct two giant sa'angreal that would destroy the Shadow's forces.
  • She reached an agreement with every female Aes Sedai of considerable strength sworn to the Light, called "the Fateful Concord" (though it is doubtful that this was the original name). None of those women would take part in the sealing of the Bore.
  • Lews Therin still defended his plan, saying it was the only chance, but Latra Posae's opposition never wavered.
  • The work of the giant sa'angreal also required two access ter'angreal to make the use of the Choedan Kal safe. They were constructed in a remote and top-secret place that was overrun by the Shadow's forces in the last stages of the making. Latra Posae then sent out some of her agents to smuggle the ter'angreal out of this territory, yet they were caught and turned to the Shadow.
  • Despite everything, Lews Therin managed to carry out his original plan without the aid of female Aes Sedai, sealing the Bore and then going insane on the instant the Dark One's counterstroke tainted saidin. Without the Forsaken ruling over their territories, Latra Posae managed to drive the Shadowsworn back. This fight earned her the name Shadar Nor, which can be translated as "Slicer (or Cutter) of the Shadow".
  • She died sometime during the Breaking, although nothing more is known.

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