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Author: Estyrien al'Halien


Lemore was born into a Tanchican noble family. She was captured and made damane when the Seanchan invaded Tanchico. The sul'dam trained Lemore well enough for her to be sent against Rand's forces when he attacked them. The Asha'man captured her and Rand sent her, along with the other captured damane and sul'dam, to Caemlyn so that Elayne could look after them.

Reanne, Alise and the other Kinswomen were given the task of trying to convince Lemore that she should be freed of her a'dam. It worked, to some extent, and Reanne, Nynaeve and Elayne decided to remove Lemore's a'dam. Lemore claims that she hates the Seanchan and wants to make them pay for what they did to Tanchico. However, Reanne was slightly worried about her sincerity because Lemore lets the sul'dam pet her and still responds to Larie, the name that the sul'dam gave her (KoD, Ch. 8)


  • Lemore is captured by the Seanchan and made damane.
  • Lemore is captured by Rand's forces and sent to Caemlyn.
  • Reanne, Nynaeve and Elayne decide that Lemore's a'dam should be removed.
  • The habit of obedience is still strong in Lemore (KoD, Ch. 14).


  • Lemore was pampered as a child.
  • She had the misfortune to have the spark manifest itself in her the day that the Seanchan attacked Tanchico.
  • Nynaeve was surprised that it took a while for Lemore to agree to have the a'dam removed.
  • Lemore is going to be made a novice.


"The good news... is that three of the damane seem ready to be let out of their collars. Perhaps." (Reanne to Nynaeve and Elayne; Winter's Heart, Chapter 8)

"I don't mistrust them, not the way I do Alivia, but I doubt either one could stand up to a sul'dam. I think if a sul'dam ordered either to help her escape, she would, and I fear she might not fight too hard if the sul'dam tried to collar her again." (Reanne to Nynaeve and Elayne about Lemore and Kara; Winter's Heart, Chapter 8)

"We must remove the a'dam. We will hold on to them until we can be sure - and Lemore after; she needs to be put in white! - and we will make sure they are never left alone, especially with the sul'dam, but the a'dam come off!" (Nynaeve about Lemore, Alivia and Kara; Winter's Heart, Chapter 8)