Lirene Doirellin

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Lirene Doirellin is a Cairhienin Aes Sedai of the Red Ajah who gave Egwene one of her lessons during her capture. She had previously been a sitter, exiled with Tsutama and Toveine around five years after the Aiel War for certain unspecified acts of the Reds. Cadsuane referred to a vileness around that time (ACoS, Ch. 19), and Chesmal Emry boasted that she had induced the Reds to murder Sierin, though it seems unlikely that if this had been discovered, the penalty would be as lenient as exile (WH, Ch. 10). Pevara mentions that there were things done and sealed to the flame right after the Aiel War. It seems likely that the exile was for her part in gentling men outside of Tar Valon, in violation of Tower Law. Toveine thinks that what was done twenty years ago had been necessary and that the birching she and the others received was unjust (TPoD, Ch. 26).

Elaida (ACoS, Prologue) thinks that the exile under Mistress Doweel broke Tsutama and Lirene, and although Tsutama seems strong and confident in person (KoD, Prologue), Lirene does indeed seem nervous and uncertain (KoD, Ch. 24). She agreed with Egwene that Elaida had made mistakes, and did not wear the markings she was entitled to as a former sitter (KoD, Ch. 24).