Lord of Chaos: Chapter 19

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Matters of Toh

Chapter Icon: The Lion of Andor

Points of View: Rand, Aviendha


Aviendha has toh towards Rand.


Rand's Point of View:

Characters: Rand

Setting: Sun Palace, Cairhien, Royal Palace, Caemlyn

Rand doesn't sleep well that night, although he has warded his dreams from outsiders this doesn't seem to keep Lews Therin out. At dawn a gai'shain walks in with a tray of food. Rand doesn't touch it though. He goes out to meet the gathered Cairhienin and Tairen nobles and of course the Wise Ones. Rand notes everybody in the room seems to hold a grudge against everybody. The Tairens and Cairhienin don't trust each other. Both groups don't trust the Aiel either, which is mutual. The Cairhienin are not too fond of Berelain but at least seem to have developed some respect for her.

Rand announces he will leave for Andor again. Berelain reminds him of Mangin's hanging which is about to take place. Rand doesn't want to witness it though. Andor and Sammael are the priorities. Aviendha is with the Wise Ones and will go back with him. Surprisingly Melaine asks to join them as well. She needs to speak with her husband Bael. Rand earns the disapproval of the Maidens by stepping through the gateway first.

Back in Caemlyn, Melaine leaves them almost immediately. Aviendha accompanies Rand but she seems very distracted. When Rand asks she says the Maidens were right, but she seems amused at the way Rand handles them. Rand asks if the Wise Ones told her where Elayne is. Aviendha says they don't know. She does share some Dreams the Wise Ones had about him though. There was one with a man holding a dagger at Rand's throat but Rand doesn't see him. One of him on a boat and scales tipping one way and then the other. The last one Aviendha shares is of Rand cutting the wetlands in two with a sword. Rand thinks the man with the dagger is a Gray Man and the cutting the wetlands in two seems plain to him as well. But then Dreams are usually not what they seem.

Aviendha gets ready to leave him. Rand is slightly disappointed and asks if she has to see to Wise One business. She denies that and says she must find a way to meet her toh. Rand says she doesn't have toh towards him. Moiraine saved her after all. She seems to think ji'e'toh makes for great jokes sometimes and leaves Rand. He doesn't understand what she is talking about of course.

Aviendha's Point of View:

Characters: Aviendha

Setting: Royal Palace, Caemlyn

In the hallway Aviendha stops to take a few deep breaths. Being near Rand is a trial like no other. She had toh towards Rand but it is dwarfed by the toh she has towards Elayne. Killing Rand would be meeting one toh, killing herself the other but each toh blocks that solution. She must find a way to meet both.

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