Lord of Chaos: Chapter 23

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Author: Sirena Taliba

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To Understand a Message

Chapter Icon: A serpent twisted through a square

Points of View: Graendal, Sammael


Graendal and Sammael try to bluff each other.


Graendal's Point of View:

Setting: Illian

Characters: Graendal, Sammael

Graendal enters Sammael's room in Illian, and is shocked by the decor, which is almost entirely from the Age of Legends. He had found a stasis box filled with many art pieces and a "game" that showed that the former owner must have been a Darkfriend. Graendal privately wonders what else had been in the box. She admits to having found one herself that only contained some streith and "the most appalling collection of useless rubbish." Sammael comments that it would have been worse if she had found some of Aginor's creations.

He then claims to have found a cache of angreal, and made a truce with Rand. Graendal expresses doubt, but is shaken, especially as he doesn't respond to any of the barbs that would usually put him in a rage. She fears that the Dark One promised to make him Nae'blis. He asks her where the other Forsaken are, and she tells him that Asmodean and Lanfear are dead, and Mesaana is in the Tower. He tells her to find the others, and show him a corpse if she wants him to believe any are dead.

Sammael's Point of View:

Setting: Illian

Characters: Sammael

After she leaves, Sammael lets his smile disappear, and thinks about how well he manipulated her. He is determined to be the last one standing.

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