Lord of Chaos: Chapter 40

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Author: Atarah al'Norahn

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Unexpected Laughter

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Points of View: Mat, Elayne


Mat decides to stay in Salidar for a few days. Aviendha confesses her love for Rand before Elayne who is shocked but eventually accepts it.


Mat's Point of View:

Location: Salidar

Characters: Mat, Thom, Vanin

After having spoken with Egwene, Elayne and Nynaeve, Mat finds Thom. He tries to make the older man help him talk some sense into the girls, but Thom replies that sometimes there are things that people need to do. After Thom leaves, Mat sees Nynaeve, and he decides that he will try to get a few answers out of her. Nynaeve, however, does not want to speak to Mat and hurries away. He ends up rejoining Chel Vanin and his two other men. He sends Vanin back to the Band of the Red Hand to let them know that Mat will be staying in Salidar for a few days.

Elayne's Point of View:

Location: Salidar

Characters: Elayne, Aviendha, Birgitte

The point of view switches to Elayne. After leaving Egwene, she goes on a search for Aviendha. She stops to speak with Birgitte on the way. Finally, Elayne finds Aviendha in a house surrounded by five Aes Sedai. She rescues Aviendha from the Aes Sedai, and they go to Elayne's room to speak. Once they are alone, Elayne tells Aviendha that Mat says Aviendha means to kill Elayne. Aviendha responds that Mat has it all wrong. She sets a belt knife and a switch down on Nynaeve's bed, and then removes her blouse and pushes her shift down to her waist. She tells Elayne that she has toh; Egwene had asked Aviendha to watch over Rand for Elayne. Instead, Aviendha fell in love with Rand and even slept with him. She tells Elayne that she may use the knife or the switch as she wishes. Elayne is shocked and angry, but refuses to harm Aviendha. They end up talking about Rand, and Elayne tells Aviendha that Min is also in love with Rand. They end up laughing over how men make their lives so complicated.


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