Lord of Chaos: Chapter 43

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Author: Asandra al'Terra

Lion Chapter Icon.png

The Crown of Roses

Chapter Icon: The Lion of Andor

Points of View: Merana, Dyelin, Luan, Ellorien


The Aes Sedai drop hints about who might take the Lion throne.


Merana's Point of View:

Location: Caemlyn

Characters: Merana, Verin, Alanna, Min, Seonid, Masuri

Merana is in a coach, with Min - seemingly dozing - Seonid and Masuri. The Aes Sedai are all dressed in their Ajah colours. Merana admits to herself that, during her meeting with Rand, her knees were turned to water from fear.

As they arrive at their inn, The Crown of Roses, Min quickly excuses herself, saying that she wants to see more of Caemlyn. The innkeeper appears, and Merana says she wishes a private sitting room, as she motions for Alanna and Verin - who had been sitting in the common room - to join them.

When they enter the room, Merana begins to speak to Alanna first, about her bonding Rand against his will; but Verin breaks in, asking whether he had set any more restrictions, and saying that she believes all is going alright. Merana begins to think in terms of hierarchy; Alanna and Verin are not a part of their delegation and Verin at least stands higher. Merana reminds herself that she is in charge of the embassy, though. She answers that his new restriction is that they must stay away from the Black Tower.

The Aes Sedai agree that Alanna has not ruined everything; then, Merana tells Alanna and Verin how they will bring Rand to heel - they have others of their delegation approaching nobles.

Dyelin's Point of View:

Location: Caemlyn

Characters: Kairen, Dyelin

Kairen Sedai assures Dyelin that it is quite possible Elayne will have the throne of Andor, still.

Luan's Point of View:

Location: Caemlyn

Characters: Luan, Rafela

Luan's point of view

Rafela Sedai asks Lord Luan whether Andor will not be better if Rand leaves the nation in peace and unity, after three platitudes - "Unity is better than division; peace better than war; patience better than death."

Ellorien's Point of View:

Location: Caemlyn

Characters: Ellorien, Demira

Lady Ellorien asks Demira Sedai, "Who will have the Lion Throne then?" the answer is simply, "The Wheel weaves as the Wheel wills."


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