Ludice Daneen

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Author: Estyrien al'Halien


Ludice Daneen was an Aes Sedai of the Yellow Ajah (NS, Ch. 7).

Tamra Ospenya asked Ludice to be one of the searchers for the Dragon Reborn (NS, Ch. 7), however, the Black Ajah found out about the search and killed Ludice (NS, Ch. 18).

Ludice had a long face and wore her hair in the Taraboner style (NS, Ch. 7).


  • 979 NE: Ludice is murdered by the Black Ajah (NS, Ch. 18).


  • Ludice was known for being one who strictly adhered to the law (NS, Ch. 7).
  • In 978 NE, Ludice had worn the shawl for well over a hundred years (NS, Ch. 7).


"Ludice Daneen, a bony Yellow whose long, grim face was framed by brightly beaded Taraboner braids that hung to her waist." (Moiraine about Ludice; New Spring, Chapter 7).

"Meilyn finally departed the Tower, and then Kerene, followed in turn by Aisha, Ludice and Valera, but Moiraine's relief that the search was under way at last was tempered by frustration at being kept out of it." (Moiraine about the search for the boychild; New Spring, Chapter 14).