New Spring: Chapter 18

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Author: Atarah al'Norahn

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A Narrow Passage

Chapter Icon: A black head on a white background facing a white head on a black background

Point of View: Moiraine

Setting: Canluum, Kandor

Characters: Moiraine, Siuan, Cadsuane



Back in the common room of the inn, Moiraine is wishing that Siuan were there. Looking out the door into the street, she catches sight of a woman who looks like Siuan, and thinks that if you wish for something hard enough, you could think you saw it. When the woman peeks into the inn again, she realizes that it is indeed Siuan and hurries out of the inn. She follows Siuan a ways, all the while wondering why she is in Canluum. The only thing she can think of is that Siuan has let something slip to Sierin, and that it would be just like the Amyrlin to send Siuan after her so that they can worry about their punishment together on the long ride back to the White Tower.

When they finally meet in an alley, Siuan says, "Light, I thought I'd never bloody find you. Tell me you've found him, Moiraine. Tell me the Najima boy's the one, and we can hand him to the Tower with a hundred sisters watching, and it's done."

When Moiraine inquires as to what's wrong, Siuan tells her what has happened. All of Tamra's searchers are dead. Aisha, Kerene, Valera, Ludice and Meilyn. The story is that Aisha and her Warder were killed by bandits in Murandy, and that Kerene had fallen off a ship during a storm on the Alguenya. Siuan then tells Moiraine that she had gone to speak to Meilyn after hearing about all of the others. She had waited in Meilyn's room, underneath the bed so that no one would see her. Meilyn never came. The next morning, it was announced that Meilyn had died in her sleep. As there were no marks on her body, and no poison used, Siuan knows that Meilyn had to have died by the One Power. She then goes on to remind Moiraine that Tamra had died in her sleep as well, and that the fact that Tamra and all of her searchers were dead was too big a coincidence. They come to the conclusion that it had to have been the Black Ajah. They both decide that Tamra must have been put to the question by the Black Ajah, and under the force had revealed the names of her searchers.

Moiraine tells Siuan about her encounter with Cadsuane. They do not know what to think; Cadsuane could be of the Black Ajah, but she could also be one of Tamra's searchers that they didn't know about.

They come up with a plan. Siuan will ride on to Chachin. Moiraine will wait until Cadsuane has checked on her, and then also ride towards Chachin, where they will meet up again.

Moiraine returns to the Gates of Heaven. Later that night, as promised, Cadsuane checks on Moiraine and finds her in her bed. Once Cadsuane has left, Moiraine gets up. She leaves her saddlebags behind, because if anyone sees her, they will arouse suspicion. She then leaves her room.

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