New Spring: Chapter 7

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Author: Atarah al'Norahn

Wheel and Serpent Chapter Icon.png

The Itch

Chapter Icon: Wheel and Serpent

Point of View: Moiraine

Setting: The White Tower

Characters: Moiraine, Siuan, Tamra, Kerene Nagashi, Aeldra Najaf


Moiraine and Siuan deliver messages to Aes Sedai on behalf of Tamra


The next day, Moiraine and Siuan are still copying names. Tamra visits them again, and remarks that she had thought they'd be bored by now. Before she leaves, she gives Moiraine a note to deliver to an Aes Sedai named Kerene Nagashi.

Moiraine hurries up to the Green Ajah quarters. Walking through them, she sees battle tapestries, sword renditions, and a lot of Warders. When she gives Kerene the note, the Aes Sedai tells her Warders that Tamra wants her urgently, and she tells Moiraine that she will carry the reply herself.

When she is done, she learns that Siuan has just delivered a message to a Gray named Aisha Raveneos. Moiraine deduces that Tamra is looking for people to search for the Dragon Reborn.

Curious, Moiraine and Siuan try their hands at spying on the Amyrlin's study, but they give up after Aeldra, the new Keeper, catches Moiraine.



First Mention

Aeldra Najaf, Aisha Raveneos, Elyas, Jala Bandevin, Karile, Kerene Nagashi, Ludice Daneen, Rina Hafden, Stepin, Valera Gorovni, Waylin

First Appearance

Aeldra Najaf, Elyas, Jala Bandevin, Karile, Kerene Nagashi, Rina Hafden, Stepin, Waylin

Character Development

  • She works out that Tamra is recruiting searchers just from having taken messages to Aisha and Kerene
  • Despite being good at puzzles, she fails to realise what Tamra is doing





  • Warders tend to keep rooms in the Guards quarters or even the city
  • A very dark man is identified as perhaps Tairen or Southern Altaran - This is more with the theme that somehow people segregated by physical characteristics (did they do this each time new nations formed, or was it just the most recent, Which nations have characteristics that can mark someone as being from there? National dress/hair style not included. Saldaea - cheeks and nose, Arad Doman - coppery skin, Southern Altara - Olive skin, Cairhien - pale and short, Arafel - pale, Tear - dark. Most have always been one country, but Arad Doman for instance was Safer and Jaramide (along with Saldaea and later part of Darmovan and Oman Dashar and most of Abayan and Indahar

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