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Author: Kyria d'Oreyn


Maira is a Far Dareis Mai of the Serai sept of the Tomanelle Aiel. She is red-haired and about ten years older than Rand (TFoH, Ch. 23).


  • Egwene sees her carrying a doll to remind her that she is not a child anymore (TFoH, Ch. 23).
  • She guards Rand when he takes Taim to the farm where the men who want to learn to channel are waiting (LoC, Ch. 3).
  • She accompanies Rand to his army's camp for a meeting with Tairen and Cairhienin nobles. She waits outside the pavilion (LoC, Ch. 4).


"How can we laugh when he doesn't know what happened to the water?" (Maira to Rand after he told a joke the Maidens do not understand; Lord of Chaos, Chapter 4)