Lord of Chaos: Chapter 3

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Dragon's Fang Chapter Icon.png

A Woman's Eyes

Chapter Icon: Dragon's Fang

Point of View: Rand

Setting: The Farm, Andor

Characters: Rand, Bashere, Mazrim Taim, Aviendha, Eben Hopwil, Damer Flinn, Fedwin Morr, Jur Grady, Somara, Enaila, Jalani, Maira


Rand Travels with Taim to the farm to meet the would-be male channelers. He releases the gateway before Aviendha can join him. He tells Taim he may face the Forsaken, which does not concern or surprise him and warns him against Shadowspawn. On first sight, Taim is not impressed and is surprised Rand does not know how to test. Initially, Jur has changed his mind but Rand manipulates him into being tested. Damer is tested first, by sensing a resonance while Taim channels a flame. After discovering he can learn, Rand tells Taim he is leaving, instructing him to teach the test so they can find new students, but to be weapons above all, and to be aware of any student who learns too fast, who could be a Forsaken in disguise. This time, Taim is shocked. Rand lets slip he intends to cleanse saidin, to Taim's wonderment. Rand tells him to seize saidin, and when he does, Lews Therin's mad voice demands he kill him. He notices Taim does not sweat and is mothered by several of the Maidens. He leaves after seeing a student fail.

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