Major Mountain Ranges

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Author: Sandriel Andarin

General Information

The mountains in the world of Robert Jordan's prolific novels are quite influential, affecting not only the storyline, but also the very fashion in which the world is organized. They play a large role in the history of Randland, and their presence helps maintain the precarious balance of the threatened countries on the main continent.

The Mountains of Dhoom

  • The Mountains of Dhoom run east to west, rising from the Morenal Ocean and continuing on into the Dead Sea. It is thought that they may even run below the Dead Sea. The Mountains of Dhoom continue on through the northern border of Seanchan.
  • This mountain range was once all that separated Seanchan, Shara, the Aiel Waste and the Borderlands from the Blight, but now the blight has crept over the mountains, slowly shrinking the size of the borderland nations.

The Spine of the World

  • Also called the Dragonwall, this towering mountain range separates the Aiel Waste from the countries to the west.
  • It begins a valley's length south of the Mountains of Dhoom and continues southward, stopping just short of the coast.
  • The Spine of the World is nearly impassible except in four places. The northernmost pass, Tarwin's Gap, can be found in the valley separating the Spine of the World from the Mountains of Dhoom. The second, called Niamh passes (for they are actually a series of footpaths), are found at the edge of Shienar. The third and best-known crossing is the Jangai Pass, just south of Kinslayer's Dagger. This is the pass that the Aiel used in their infamous attack on Cairhien. The fourth pass is nameless. It is located on the eastern border of Haddon Mirk, south of the source of the River Iralell. The only other passage beyond the Spine of the World is through the Drowned Lands, a dangerous swampy area just north of Mayene.

Kinslayer's Dagger

  • Part of the Spine of the World located on Cairhien's eastern border
  • During the Aiel War against Cairhien, the Aiel finially retreated to this mountain after wreaking terrible destruction on the nation

The Mountains of Mist

  • The Mountains of Mist, so named for the thick blanket of fog that shrouds their peaks all year long, run from north to south. They form the western borders of Andor and Ghealdan.
  • Much of Andor's wealth is mined in the depths of these mountains, despite superstition about horrible creatures that live in the mists.
  • Many of the mining towns don't consider themselves part of Andor, and because of this, they have been left mainly to their own devices as long as they continue to trade with Andor.


  • Located within sight of the shining walls of Tar Valon, this mountain is rich in prophecy and history
  • It was created when Ishamael gave Lews Therin back his sanity after the Breaking and he committed suicide.
  • The Prophecy of the Dragon states that the Dragon Reborn will be birthed on the slopes of Dragonmount