Marriage in the Two Rivers

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Marriage in the Two Rivers typically requires that the couple say their betrothal vows before the Women's Circle after which they must wait a year for the wedding. The requirement to wait can be waived in some cirumstances, such as with Perrin and Faile, or if the couple were discovered as being sexually involved (TSR, Ch. 53).

The Ceremony

Unless stated otherwise, all information herein is taken from TSR, Ch. 53.

The entire ceremony is not known, but it takes place in front of the Women's Circle with the Wisdom performing it. Two men stand for the groom, and two women for the bride and typically both will wear flowers in their hair. The couple kneel opposite each other and one of the women's attendants will thread a long red ribbon through the bride's hair and one of the men's attendants will thread a similar ribbon through the man's hair.

The man begins the ceremony

I, (his name), do pledge you my love (her name) for as long as I live. What I posess in the world I give to you. I will keep and hold you,succor and tend you, protect and shelter you, for all the days of my life. I am yours, forever and always.

The woman then says her words

These are assumed to be the same, as in the example we have, she first sentance is the same