Milisair Chadmar

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Milisair Chadmar is a member of the Domani merchant council and was the first of the council to be apprehended by the Aiel under Rand's orders (TGS, Ch. 29). Rand thinks her young, barely into her thirties and with her share of curves which her Domani style dress shows off well. She was one of the last to have any contact with Alsalam, though not directly, and when Rand asks for details, she offers him the throne. Rand declines telling her to find the messenger who delivered the most recent message (TGS, Ch. 29). When she learns that the messenger has died in her torturer's dungeons, she tries to flee rather than tell Rand, but is caught by the Aiel and sent to the dungeons herself (TGS, Ch. 31). In the dungeons, Kerb tries to poison her with tarchrot root, but Nynaeve is able to intervene and heal her (TGS, Ch. 32). She leaves the city within an hour of Rand's departure (ToM, Ch. 25).


"I'm certain you can be crowned quickly, my Lord Dragon"