The Gathering Storm: Chapter 32

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Wheel and Serpent Chapter Icon.png

Rivers of Shadow

Chapter Icon: Wheel and Serpent

Point of View: Nynaeve

Setting: Bandar Eban

Characters: Nynaeve, Loral, Merise, Corele, Cadsuane, and Milisair Chadmar


Nynaeve finds out how the messenger died and the person who prepared his food is captured.


Nynaeve stands on the wall of Bandar Eban, waiting with Merise, Corele, and Cadsuane to see the infamous ghost procession that has circled the city every night since Rand arrived. After the procession appears, she heads off into the city. On her way she hears a child cough several times, and goes to find him. After healing the child, she chastises the parents for not coming to the Aes Sedai. Upon arriving at the mansion, she takes a few of the soldiers not on duty, and sends for the dosun. She questions the dosun, Loral, on where the messenger from the King was sent, and has her lead herself and the soldiers to the place. Inside the shop the dosun leads her to, they capture several men, one of whom confesses the location of the trapdoor that leads to the dungeon. They enter the dungeon, and in the second cell find Milisair Chadmar. Nynaeve heals her of the poison she finds while delving her, and proceeds to question the jailers about how the messenger died. She believes the jailers claims that he died naturally, and continues on to ask who prepared the prisoners food. She finds out that is was an apprentice named Kerb, and rushes out into the street, only to find him held down by the men she had brought from the mansion.

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