The Gathering Storm: Chapter 31

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A Promise to Lews Therin

Chapter Icon: Spears, stars and crescent moon

Points of View: Cadsuane, Rand


Cadsuane continues with her mission of teaching Rand how to laugh. Rand is dealing with some issues in Bandar Eban.


Cadsuane's Point of View:

Setting: Bandar Eban

Characters: Cadsuane, Quillin Tasil, and Rand

Cadsuane shuffles down a crowded Bandar Eban street, heading to The Wind's Favor. Upon arriving, she questions the innkeeper, Quillin Tasil, about the news and going ons in the city. As she heads away from the inn, she encounters Rand, who is heading towards the docks. She does not head off the road, however, she does pull her hood down closer and moves in the other direction. She then goes to find the Wise Ones and asks if they will join her in her efforts to make Rand laugh again.

Rand's Point of View:

Setting: Bandar Eban

Characters: Rand, Cadsuane, Naeff, Nynaeve, Damer Flinn, Rhuarc, and Milisair Chadmar

Rand notices Cadsuane scuttling away from him as he heads to the docks to personally check on food distribution. Upon arriving at the wharf, the Asha'man riding behind him, Naeff, who had been running messages and meeting with the Seanchan for Bashere, says that he doesn't believe they will accept Katar for a meeting place, though it is on neutral grounds. Rand tells him to return to the Seanchan and tell them that they will meet at Falme. Nynaeve soon rides up, and as they are leaving she asks what he decided. They argue about the decision, and end up talking about Lan. Nynaeve admits, under pressure, that Lan is in Saldaea, though she had made sure that he would have an army, whether he wanted one or not. After they reach House Chadmar's mansion, Rand goes the throne room. Rhuarc soon arrives, and informs him the Alamindra Cutren was found and captured, but that Meashan Dubaris is dead. Milisair Chadmar is soon motioned forward, and she tells Rand that the messenger that was sent to her by the king is dead. Rand punishes her by locking her in the same dungeons that the messenger was locked in. Nynaeve argues the wisdom of only focusing on the Last Battle, and Rand grows angry with her, but forces himself to be calm. He thinks to himself that there is only a short while longer that he must keep things balanced.

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