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Author: Kyria d'Oreyn


Moad is a man of the Atha'an Miere and Harine din Togara's Swordmaster. He has gray hair and hard eyes. The first time we see him he wears five fat little earrings in each ear (ACoS, Ch. 34) and later eight ones of the heaviest weight (WH, Ch. 23). It cannot be said if this indicates a lower rank than before, since the first point of view is Rand's, who has no clue about Sea Folk hierarchy, and the other one is Shalon's.

He is widowed (WH, Ch. 23).

According to Shalon, Harine lets him get away with a lot more than she would others, but she probably owes him that because he is her Swordmaster (WH, Ch. 23).


  • When Rand boards Harine's ship to bargain with her, Moad wants to join the party into Harine's cabin, but she waves him away (ACoS, Ch. 34).
  • He helps Harine dismount in front of the Hall of the Counsels in Far Madding (WH, Ch. 24).
  • During the cleansing of saidin, Cadsuane sends Harine away to hide and Moad tries to calm her down. He and Tomas have to bundle Harine and Min into a depression in the stony ground when they want to take part in the fight (WH, Ch. 35).


  • He is able to ride a horse, which is unusual for the Sea Folk (WH, Ch. 23).
  • Even in the coldest weather, Moad refuses to wear a cloak and sticks to his quilted blue coat (WH, Ch. 23).


"Moad briefly examined his sword and dagger, both neatly wrapped hilt and scabbard, then eased them back in place, taking care not to snag his sash on the seals. 'Swords only become useful when wits fail,' he said." (Moad after he receives his peace-woven weapons back at the gates of Far Madding; Winter's Heart, Chapter 23)