Winter's Heart: Chapter 24

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Flame of Tar Valon Chapter Icon.png

Among the Counsels

Chapter Icon: Flame of Tar Valon

Point of View: Shalon

Setting: Far Madding

Characters: Cadsuane, Aleis Barsalla, Verin, Shalon, Harine


Cadsuane and company meet with the First Counsel of Far Madding.


A servant comes to offer to take them to the Counsels. Cadsuane sends him off to alert Aleis Barsalla, the First Counsel of Far Madding. Cadsuane decides to go with Verin and Kumira. After Harine asks about Aleis' importance, Cadsuane announces that Shalon and Harine are to accompany her. Aleis offers Harine accommodation and Harine insists the offer be extended to Cadsuane, which was part of the bargain of allowing Harine to come. Cadsuane decides to embarrass Aleis, but before this can escalate, Verin announces that a man has channeled. The Far Maddingers are unconcerned. Aleis asks for Verins's name and is told that she can call her Eadwina. Verin brings up Guaire Amalasan's siege, and continues talking even after Cadsuane hints that she should not. Verin warns them about upsetting the Dragon Reborn or his followers. As they leave, Harine calls Shalon by name, something she has not done in public for many years and again tells her that she needs to find out what Cadsuane wants.

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