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Author: Kyria d'Oreyn


Nadere is a Wise One of the Goshien Aiel. She has green eyes, pale hair and a large bosom. She is the only Aiel Elayne has ever seen who can almost be called stout (WH, Prologue; KoD, Ch. 15).

She summons Elayne for the ceremony of accepting Aviendha as a first-sister. She took part in the ceremony, among other Wise Ones, and thus Elayne allows her to walk around the Royal Palace freely and unhindered (WH, Prologue; KoD, Ch. 15).

She and Dorindha walk in on Elayne and Aviendha to take the latter along when they leave Andor. Nadere is quite upset that Elayne does not have a real midwife (KoD, Ch. 15).

She is present with Amys, Melaine and Bair when Aviendha returns from scouting (TGS, Ch. 3).


"There may be time for an occasional visit," Nadere said severely, "but you have fallen behind and must work hard to catch up. Strange," she mused, shaking her head, "to speak casually of visiting from so far. To cover leagues, hundreds of leagues, in a step. Strange things we have learned in the wetlands." (Nadere to Elayne and Aviendha; Knife of Dreams, Chapter 15)