The Gathering Storm: Chapter 3

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Spear and Shield Chapter Icon.png

The Ways of Honor

Chapter Icon: Spear and Shield

Point of View: Aviendha

Setting: Arad Doman

Characters: Aviendha, Heirn, Rhuarc, Amys, Bair, Melaine, Nadere


Aviendha is punished without any reason by the Wise Ones.


Aviendha is being punished, though she does not know why and will not ask as that would be shaming. She goes with a group of Aiel to scout Domani refugees. They conclude they are no threat, though Rhuarc insists on caution. Aviendha knows they are just refugees as they don't have the feeling of wrongness of monsters or ghosts. When they return, Rhuarc complains about being forced to restore order and she agrees as it is not an Aiel concept. Bair chastises Aviendha for scouting as she is no longer a Maiden but not yet a Wise One. Amys asks her her thoughts on Rand and Rhuarc, and sets her further punishments.

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