Natrin's Barrow

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Unless stated otherwise, all information herein is taken from The Gathering Storm, Chapter 37.

Natrin's Barrow was a white stone fortress in Arad Doman, in the form of several towers stacked one on top of another, that more resembled a palace than a fortress. It was built to guard against incursions through the Mountains of Mist from Manetheren, but had not been used for military purposes since the Trolloc Wars. It was located close to a small lake near the southern border of Arad Doman and until a few centuries earlier was not part of the country, having previously been owned by a minor noble from Toman Head. After being seized, it was used as a retreat by several kings until it was given to a distant cousin of the royal family in about 950NE.

It was used by Graendal as her base of operations until being destroyed, by Rand al'Thor and balefire. She however escaped. The amount of the One Power he used was large resulting in a Balescream.