The Shadow Rising: Chapter 23

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Author: Inanna Landred

Spear and Shield Chapter Icon.png

Beyond the Stone

Chapter Icon: Spear and Shield

Point of View: Egwene

Setting: The Aiel Waste, Rhuidean

Characters: Rand, Egwene, Mat, Moiraine, Lan, Aviendha, Rhuarc, Amys, Heirn, Couladin


Rand, Mat, Aviendha and Moiraine go to Rhuidean, and Egwene begins her lessons in dream walking


Rand barely manages to channel everyone to Chaendaer where a large number of Aiel is already assembled at Rhuidean. He has to be supported by Lan for sheer exhaustion and Moiraine comes over to Heal him straight away. The four Wise Ones, led by Amys, who offer the peace of Rhuidean, greet them. The men all visibly relax, it seems they were not so sure the peace would hold. Aviendha promptly starts to move to the camps, but is stopped by the Wise Ones, saying she has run long enough. Rhuarc goes to greet his wife Amys and tells her she probably didn't expect him to turn up like that, to which she replies she knew he would be there that day. Egwene finally understands Moiraine's remarks about how useful Dreaming would be and why Moiraine did not try and talk Rand out of using the Portal Stone. Heirn is there to meet Rhuarc, saying that he has come to protect the Wise Ones.

Lan whispers to Moirane and Egwene that the Wise Ones can go anywhere without being in danger from attack, so Heirn really came to protect Rhuarc, only it would not be honorable to say so. Moiraine raises an eyebrow at Lan's knowledge of the Aiel and he remarks she never asked him about it, something she plans on correcting very soon.

The Shaido are there and have sent Muradin to Rhuidean to become their new clan chief. Couladin remarks he will enter should Muradin fail, but the Wise One's flat out refuse him, saying he is flawed inside. Rand formally requests to be admitted to Rhuidean and although the Wise Ones are mildly surprised they agree. To everyone's surprise Mat also asks to be permitted to enter Rhuidean. Couladin, already furious that Rand has been permitted, now tries to kill Mat for the insolence of even asking. He hurls a spear at Mat, but is flung back with the Power by one of the Wise Ones.

Egwene is shocked to find out the Wise Ones can channel although Moiraine seems less surprised.

The Wise Ones initially refuse as Mat is a Wetlander but Rand says Mat is coming with him and they eventually give in.

Aviendha is called to them and told she must join the Wise Ones now and can no longer be a Maiden of the Spear. She reluctantly gives up all her belongings and goes into Rhuidean naked, overtaking both Rand and Mat on her way there.

Moiraine and Egwene are taken into the Wise Ones tents and Amys attempts to explain the principles of ji'e'toh to them. She lets slip that they have seen Moiraine entering Rhuidean in their dreams and thus it is settled that Moiraine goes there.

Egwene asks them if she should go too, but they did not see her coming at all and there is no need for her. Instead she stays behind to start learning the basic principles of dreamwalking.



First Mention

Suladric, Muradin, Coedelin

First Appearance

Bair, Seana, Melaine, Heirn, Couladin

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