New Spring: Chapter 10

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Author: Atarah al'Norahn

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It Finishes

Chapter Icon: Six Mice

Point of View: Moiraine

Setting: The White Tower

Characters: Moiraine, Merean, Anaiya, Elaida, Sheriam, Myrelle, Siuan


Moiraine passes her Aes Sedai test and learns Siuan has also passed.


Moiraine is almost done with the Aes Sedai test. After ninety-nine weaves, she is hobbling and is incredibly weary. During the last part of the test, her father is the distraction.

"Moiraine, you must come with me immediately. It is your mother, child. She is dying. There is just time, if you come now."

Somehow, she manages to keep walking. She tells her father, "I love you, Father. Please tell Mother that I love her with all my heart." Reaching the last six-pointed star, she finishes the test.

Back in the basement room, Merean tells her that she has passed. Anaiya Heals her. Upon seeing Elaida, Moiraine knows that the Red was responsible for the last part of the test.

Moiraine is told that she will spend the night in prayer and contemplation, and that she will be raised to Aes Sedai the next day. Upon returning to the Accepted's quarters, she learns from Sheriam and Myrelle that Siuan was also summoned for her test. Moiraine returns to her room to wait.

When Siuan returns, it is with the news that she has also passed. The two girls plan to put mice in Elaida's bed that night.



First Appearance




Ants, cattle, groundwasps, hornets, horseflies, leopards, silverpike, mice


Turnips, broad beans, cabbage, pine nuts


Moiraine’s father was just under 6ft tall – very tall for a Cairhienin man


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Unlike Nynaeve's test, we don't see the Aes Sedai vote on whether she passed or not - they just said she did

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