Dalresin Damodred

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Author: Kyria d'Oreyn


Dalresin of House Damodred was a scholar of Cairhienin noble birth and was Moiraine's father. His brothers were Aldecain, Laman, and Moressin. He was very tall, an inch short of six feet, with a gentle face and hair more gray than not that he wore in a club at the nape of the neck (NS, Ch. 5; Ch. 10).

He was the only one among his generation and preceding generations without a dark character (NS, Ch. 6).


  • After the death of his first wife and Moiraine's mother, he took a scholar for his second wife, earning the disapproval and contempt of his brothers (NS, Ch. 5).
  • At the last station during the test for the shawl, Moiraine's father appears to tell her that her mother is dying. He urges her to come with him, but she cannot. Later, Moiraine thinks this was one of Elaida's additions to make her fail (NS, Ch. 10).


His brothers Moressin and Aldecain were contemptuous of him, for one because he was a scholar and for another because his second marriage did not bring any benefit to House Damodred (NS, Ch. 5).

Moiraine loved and admired her father and he loved her (NS, Ch. 5; Ch. 10).

He banked with Ilain Dormaile's elder brother (NS, Ch. 13).


Her father used to say that once was happenstance, twice might be coincidence, but thrice or more indicated the actions of your enemies. He said he had read it somewhere. (Moiraine; New Spring, Chapter 18)