New Spring: Chapter 8

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Author: Atarah al'Norahn

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Shreds of Serenity

Chapter Icon: A Fish

Point of View: Moiraine

Setting: The White Tower

Characters: Moiraine, Siuan, Myrelle, Elaida, Sheriam, Ellid, Merean


Elaida involves herself in Moiraine and Siuan practicing for the Aes Sedai Test.


During the evenings, Moiraine and Siuan take their private lessons with different Aes Sedai. Many of the Aes Sedai are quite put out; because the Accepted are now all busy during the day, sisters must teach the novice classes.

Moiraine is worried because none of the searchers that she and Siuan have identified have left the Tower yet. She can't understand why they are not yet out looking for the Dragon Reborn.

The two girls, along with Myrelle, also continue to practice for the Aes Sedai test. One night, Elaida shows up and is disgusted with Siuan and Myrelle's attempts to make Moiraine lose her concentration. She makes both Moiraine and Siuan practice their weaves while she nearly tortures them, all the while demanding that they weave faster. Once she leaves, Myrelle also leaves but quickly returns with a jar of ointment and two other Accepted, Sheriam and Ellid. The next morning, Elaida Heals them, but is back again that night.

Finally, after three nights of Elaida's lessons, Merean finds out. Moiraine suspects Myrelle, Sheriam and/or Ellid told Merean about Elaida's lessons. Merean says that Elaida was not given a penance, though if she had, it would have been for helping Moiraine and Siuan cheat on the Aes Sedai test.

Several days later, Merean summons Moiraine for her Aes Sedai test.


Visions and Prophecies

Gitara's Foretellings

We don't see this ourselves so only hear Ellid's version of things


First Mention

Adelorna, Willim of Manaches, Shivena Kayenzi

First Appearance

Ellid, Myrelle

Character Development

  • Moiraine is the only one of her, Siuan, Ellid, Sheriam and Myrelle to realise that Elaida is trying to help them


What is Elaida doing

Barely a mystery. Despite Siuan and the other's thoughts, it is pretty clear she is trying to prepare them

Mysteries Resolved

We learn Gitara did have other fortellings – including that Tarmon Gai’don would come during the lifetime of sisters still living


This section contains Notes on this Chapter which may contain spoilers. Please expand to view.

Common Themes

Overconfidence in their own knowledge/Acting on poor information

We learn the source of Elaida’s hatred for Moiraine and Siuan. It is not rational - Siuan basically gets stilled, Elaida replaces her and the Tower splits all because Elaida thought that Moiraine and Siuan had told on her.

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