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Ramshalan is a minor Domani noble that joins Rand's court in Arad Doman. He is obsequious and toadying, something Rand dislikes (TGS, Ch. 31). When Rand learns of Graendal's location, he uses Ramshalan to uncover her, toying with him first by pretending to flatter Ramshalan's intelligence before sending him to her manor where she places compulsion on him. He tells her that he is smarter and cleverer than Rand and that he believes that he can be chosen as the next king of Arad Doman. Graendal has Delana and Aran'gar place complex compulsion including false memories and sends him back to Rand. Nynaeve detects Delana's Compulsion, but not Aran'gar's and both her and Rand mistakenly believe Graendal had placed it (ToM, Prologue).

When destroys the whole palace with balefire, Nynaeve is able to confirm that the compulsion is gone and Rand ascertains he burned Graendal from the Pattern far enough back to remove it. After this, he sends Ramshalan south to the nearest village, about two days away, as punishment for boasting to Callswell and Vivian that he could manipulate Rand (TGS, Ch. 37). He is something of a fop, with a nose indicating Saldaean heritage, earings bearing his house identity (TGS, Ch. 31). He has a black beauty mark, at one time in the shape of a bird (TGS, Ch. 31) and laer a bell (ToM, Prologue)


"She should be executed my Lord" to Rand about Milisair Chadmar (The Gathering Storm, Chapter 31)