Renald Fanwar

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Unless stated otherwise, all information herein is taken from The Gathering Storm, Prologue.

Renald Fanwar is a Shienaran farmer. He lives five miles east of the Shienaran village of Oak Water. He has a wife, Auaine, multiple sons and at least one grandson. His sons have sought their fortunes elsewhere.

He farmed his land for forty years. He is successful enough that he was able to buy out two neighbours and can run thirty wagons to market each fall. He has six hired farmhands who are as close to him as sons; Merk, Favidan, Rinnin, Veshir, Adamad and Geleni. Renald can do a little forgework.

When Thulin comes to tell him he is going north, Auaine convinces Renald to follow and to turn his farm tools into weapons.

He is one of the group Mat gives a basic lesson in using the spear during the Last Battle (AMoL, Ch. 36).