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A similar entry appears in the Wheel of Time Companion confirming the information available in the main story arc.

Author: Val a'Shain


Sahra Covenry is a novice in the White Tower, with moderate ability. Min thinks she is fifteen or sixteen. She is black-haired (TSR, Ch. 1). Sahra grew up on a farm (TSR, Ch. 17).

She is caught up in the struggle for power between several factions in the White Tower, among which is the Black Ajah, and is killed by an unknown Black sister.


  • Sahra escorts Elmindreda to the Amyrlin's study in 999 NE. Min sees auras of violence around many people in the Tower (TSR, Ch. 1).
  • Sahra and Min run into Gawyn outside the Amyrlin's study. Sahra overhears the conversation between them. She is too busy making eyes at Gawyn to pay attention to what is said though. The Amyrlin sends her on a penance to keep her from talking (TSR, Ch. 1).
  • On her way out Sahra is stopped by Elaida. The Red sister doesn't seem to think it is worth interrogating Sahra after what she has already heard. A moment later Elaida runs into Alviarin who also happened to be nearby (TSR, Ch. 1).
  • Sahra is doing penance on a farm run by Moria Elward. She feels it is horribly unfair for her to be sent here. She is visited by an unknown Aes Sedai who interrogates her on Min's visit to the Amyrlin. She is killed after the interrogation (TSR, Ch. 17).


Min thinks Sahra is barely old enough to be away from home (TSR, Ch. 1).

Elaida dismisses Sahra as someone who will never be of real power (TSR, Ch. 1).

Sahra thinks both Andoran princes are very handsome (TSR, Ch. 1).


  • The Aes Sedai who killed Sahra obviously wasn't bound by the Three Oaths. She must be Black Ajah. Liandrin and her group had already left by this point.

This section contains spoilers relating to Crown of Swords. Please expand to view.

In my opinion Alviarin is the most likely to have killed Sahra.


"Sahra exhaled as if she had been holding her breath. 'He is very good-looking, isn't he?' she said dreamily. 'Not as good-looking as Lord Galad, of course. And you really know him.' It was half a question, but only half." (Sahra to Min after Min's talk with Gawyn; The Shadow Rising, Chapter 1)

"Sahra Covenry worked the hoe in desultory fashion, frowning at the tiny sprouts of threadleaf and hensfoot poking up in the rows of cabbages and beets. It was not that Mistress Elward was a harsh taskmistress - she was no more stern than Sahra's mother, and certainly easier than Sheriam - but Sahra had not gone to the White Tower to end up back on a farm hoeing vegetables with the sun barely up." (Sahra thinking about her penance; The Shadow Rising, Chapter 17)