Samitsu Tamagowa

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Author: Atarah al'Norahn


Samitsu Tamagowa is an Aes Sedai of the Yellow Ajah from the nation of Arafel. She has hazel eyes (CoT, Ch. 24). Like most Arafellin's, she adorns her hair with bells (ACoS, Ch. 36). She has dark hair, and is considered to be very pretty.

Samitsu is extremely gifted when it comes to Healing. She is known as the best Healer in centuries, and can Heal almost as well as a linked circle (CoT, Prologue). When she sees Flinn save Rand with his Healing, she whisks him off to find out what he did. (ACoS, Ch. 36)

Samtisu holds many of the personality traits common to Aes Sedai. She is unused to being thought of as a fool, and as can be expected, dislikes it greatly. She also hates failures, particularly when it comes to Healing, and also hates remembering failures (CoT, Prologue). Cadsuane thinks that Samitsu is observant, intelligent and strong-willed, but she can suffer the most astonishing collapses in her self confidence and sometimes needs help regaining her composure (CoT, Ch. 24).



Samitsu is one of Cadsuane's followers. She thinks, "this was not the first time she had been pulled into one of the legendary Green's designs." When Cadsuane leaves the Sun Palace, she leaves Samitsu in charge (CoT, Prologue).

Samitsu seems to dislike Sashalle, Aes Sedai of the Red Ajah, very much. An apprentice to the Aiel Wise Ones, one of the Aes Sedai that was stilled, and then Healed by Damer Flinn, she acts like she is the one in control, which angers Samitsu. (CoT, Prologue)



"This," Samitsu said in a lecturing tone, lightly touching the scar, "seems like a cyst, but full of evil instead of pus. And this. .." She drew the finger down the gash. "...seems full of a different evil." Suddenly she frowned at the green standing over her, and her voice became sullen and defensive. "If I had the words, Cadsuane, I would use them. I have never seen the like. Never. But I will tell you this. I think if I had been one moment slower, perhaps if you had not tried first, he would be dead now. As it is..." With a sigh, the Yellow sister seemed to deflate, her face sagging. "As it is, I believe he will die." (Samitsu; A Crown of Swords, Chapter 36)

"You are the best living, perhaps the best ever. No one has the Healing to compare with you. (Cadsuane; A Crown of Swords, Chapter 36)

"If only there was some way you could show me! But you will describe it. You must! I will give you all the gold I possess, bear your child, whatever you wish, but you will tell me all that you can." (Samitsu to Damer Flinn; A Crown of Swords, Chapter 36)

"When Cadsuane had departed a week pat, leaving her in charge, her task had appeared straightforward. Make sure the Cairhienin pot did not begin go boil again. That had appeared a simple task at the time, though she had seldom dabbled in politics to speak of." (Samitsu; Crossroads of Twilight, Prologue)

"How could any Aes Sedai swear fealty to anyone or anything other than the White Tower itself? How in the Light could a Red swear to a man who could channel? Maybe Verin had been right about ta'veren twisting chance. Samitsu could not begin to think of any other reason for thirty-one sisters, five of them Red, to take such an oath." (Samitsu; Crossroads of Twilight, Prologue)

"She felt a faint shiver at the thought, but only faint, and it would be less if she ever managed to work out how Damer Flinn had Healed what could not be Healed. At least someone could Heal stilling, even if it was a man. A man channeling. Light, how the horror of yesterday became merely the uneasiness of today, once you grew accustomed." (Samitsu; Crossroads of Twilight, Prologue)

"An instant later, glad shouts and cheers broke out, and she heard her name nearly as often as Dobraine's. Very gratifying. It would have been more satisfying if Sashalle had not smiled and given her an approving nod. Approving! And why not a pat on the head, while she was about it?" (Samitsu; Crossroads of Twilight, Prologue)