Towers of Midnight: Chapter 51

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A Testing

Chapter Icon: A Dragon

Point of View: Min

Location: Far Madding

Characters: Cadsuane, Easar, Ethenielle, Min, Naeff, Paitar, Rand, Tenobia


Rand meets the Borderland leaders and insists they swear to him.


Rand is going to meet with the Borderland rulers. Cadsuane thinks it foolish. Min has a viewing that suggests Callandor might be used against Rand. Before they leave, he tells Naeff that he has been unable to Travel to the Black Tower and asks Naeff to go there in disguise and seek out the loyal men. He is to tell them they are not weapons. Rand knows he has to deal with the Black Tower, but worries it is too much of a problem right then. He tells Cadsuane to be ready to open a gateway and that he knows she has a Well. She calls him "boy" again, and he suggests "Rand Sedai" might be more appropriate. He and Min talk about how he has Lews Therin's memories, but the difference between then and now is Rand was raised better.

They travel to Far Madding and are taken to see the leaders. The four leaders each step up to Rand and slap him, drawing blood. Paitar asks him how Tellindal Tirraso died. Rand is able to answer and they agree to explain themselves. Paitar tells of a prophecy given to one of his ancestors, that if the Dragon Reborn cannot answer, they should kill him rather than let him face the Dark One. Rand tells them that just a few weeks earlier, he would have answered their violence with balefire and that the guards only stop the One Power. He tells them he will have the Aes Sedai with them taught Traveling if they swear to him, otherwise he will leave them there. He tells them that the next day he is going to meet the monarchs of the world and then is going to Shayol Ghul to break the Seals. He asks them to bring Hurin to him.


This section contains Notes on this Chapter which may contain spoilers. Please expand to view.


What did Rand mean he would have used balefire?

Did he mean he can no longer use the True Power, or just that he would no longer do so? Does he believe he can access it whenever he wants?

Visions and Prophecies


The prophecy given to Paitar's ancestor suggested that it would be better for the Dark One to win than for Dark Rand to do so.

Min's Viewings
  • (About Rand) "A glowing sword, Callandor, being gripped by a black hand. She gasped. What did you see? Rand asked softly. Callandor, held in a fist. The hand looks to be made of onyx."

The Onyx appearance may be to do with Rand coating saidin and saidar with the True Power when he fights the Dark One.

  • (About Tenobia) "Tenobia has a spear hovering over her head, Min said. Bloody, but shining in the light."
  • (About Ethenielle) "Ethenielle will soon be wed - I see that by white doves. She plans to do something dangerous today, so be careful."
  • (About Easar and Paitar) "The other two have various swords, shields and arrows hovering above them. Both will fight soon. In the Last Battle? Rand asked. I don't know, she admitted. It could here, today."

Character Development

  • Rand suggests Cadsuane call him Rand Sedai.


First Mention

Gilgame, Reo Myershi, Tellindal Tirraso

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