Sea Folk Isles

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A similar entry appears in the Wheel of Time Companion confirming the information available in the main story arc.

(All references are The World of Robert Jordan's "The Wheel of Time", Chapter 15; Chapter 19 unless stated).


The Sea Folk Isles are off the southern coast of the main continent, in the Sea of Storms, with others in the Aryth Ocean. Tremalking is the largest, southwest of Tarabon and Amadicia, while in the Sea of Storms, Cindalking and Quaim are the largest. In the Aryth Ocean, there are three notable island groups, Aile Dashar in the North, Aile Somera in the centre and Aile Jafar in the south. The exact number of islands and even their location is known only to the Sea Folk. Unknown to most people, the Sea Folk spend little time themselves on these islands and their actual inhabitants are known as the Amayar.


Tremalking is the largest of the Sea Folk Isles, in the Aryth Ocean southwest of the main continent . It was the site of one of the Choedan Kal (TGH, Ch. 24) and when the hand was observed to be glowing during the cleansing of the taint, it was the place where the mass suicide of the Amayar began (WH, Ch. 35). It is highly mountainous (TPoD, Ch. 1).


There is a tavern in Tar Valon called The Tremalking Splice (TDR, Ch. 30)

There is a tea known as Tremalking black (TDR, Ch. 40).


Cindalking is one of the Sea Folk Isles, lying to the south of Godan in Tear.


Quaim is one of the Sea Folk Isles, lying south of the Shadow Coast.

Aile Dashar

The Aile Dashar are a group of Sea Folk islands to the west of World's End in Saldaea.

Aile Somera

The Aile Somera are a group of Sea Folk islands to the west of Toman Head. The principle island is Cantorin. After the Seanchan are forced to flee Falme, they take the Aile Somera and use Cantorin as their base, keeping this a secret.

Aile Jafar

The Aile Jafar are a group of Sea Folk islands to the west of Tarabon. The principal island is Dantora, which is the first place Coine sails from Tanchico with news that Rand has fulfilled the Jendai prophecies (TSR, Ch. 39).