Jendai Prophecy

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Author: Seandre ay'Luthien

The Jendai Prophecy

The prophecies of the Sea Folk, the Jendai Prophecy, foretells the coming of the Chosen One, the Coramoor. They will know his coming by events such as the Stone of Tear falling and the Aiel coming over the Dragonwall. It is prophecied that he will bring the Sea Folk to glory - and all the seas of the world will be theirs. As they give to him, he gives to them. This means that there will be a mutual bargain between the Coramoor and the Sea Folk, the Bargain.

At the Breaking of the World, when their ancestors fled the heaving land for the safety of the sea, the Atha'an Miere knew nothing of the ships they took, or of the seas on which they drifted, only that no landbound place was safe. Over the course of many years they learned the ways of storm and tide, and became as one with their vessels. The Jendai Prophecy, first spoken during those early years, held that the People of the Sea were fated to wander the waters until the Coramoor should return, and serve him at his coming.

The north shall he tie to the east, and the west shall be bound to the south. This means that he will unite the nations, that he will tie them together.

He can wield the One Power. He holds the Sword That Cannot Be Touched. The Aiel have come over the Dragonwall to his call. The Stone of Tear has fallen, and war breaks over the nations of the land. Those who once ruled have returned, and been driven back for the first time. The White Tower shall be broken by his name, and Aes Sedai shall kneel to wash his feet and dry them with their hair.

This prophecy has been fulfilled. Rand al'Thor can channel, he has Callandor, he has brought the Aiel over the Dragonwall to his call. The Stone of Tear has indeed fallen, and the nations are shaken with wars. Those who once ruled are the Seanchan (descendants of the army Artur Hawkwing sent across the Aryth Ocean), whose army lost for the first time against Rand and his followers. The White Tower was broken over the question of how to deal with him, and there are Aes Sedai sworn to him.

"and the Blade will bind him by twain" (Presumed to be about Callandor ToM, Ch. 32)

The Bargain

Harine din Togara Two Winds, Wavemistress of Clan Shodein, speaking for Nesta din Reas Two Moons, Mistress of the Ships to the Atha'an Miere, and thus binding all the Atha'an Miere, has promised such ships as the Dragon Reborn needs, to sail when and where he needs them, for whatever purpose he requires. In return, Rafela and Merana, speaking for the Dragon Reborn, promised that the Dragon Reborn will not change any laws of the Atha'an Miere, as he has done among the shorebound. Secondly, the Dragon Reborn must give the Atha'an Miere land, a square one mile on a side, at every city on navigable water that he controls now or will come to control. Within the area, the laws of the Atha'an Miere hold sway above any others. This agreement must also be made by the rulers of those ports, so that the agreement will survive if the Dragon Reborn dies. Thirdly, the Dragon Reborn agrees to keep an ambassador chosen by the Atha'an Miere with him at all times. Harine din Togara has named herself. She will be accompanied by her Windfinder, her Swordmaster and a retinue. And fourthly, the Dragon Reborn agrees to go promptly to a summons from the Mistress of the Ships, but no more than twice in any three consecutive years.

One thing that I want to point out is that in this bargain, Rand is mentioned as the Dragon Reborn, and not the Coramoor. This could be because they not were absolutely sure that Rand was the Coramoor at this point, or they just simply call him what the shorebound call him, or that there is another Bargain to come.

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