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Author: Nebka Galyn, August 2018

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As a staff member of the Department of Community Outreach, I have been asked to do a write-up on what's going on with the Servant Of All Program.

We'll start with a message from our Director of Community Outreach - Calen Velervron:

Hello Everyone,

As the Director of Community Outreach one of my main goals is to relaunch and rebuild the Servant of All program. I am freezing new activity on this board and will begin to archive old messages from today backward. We will be launching a group that will rebuild the program and come up with the new working plan as soon as the scholarship is done for this year. I will be taking applications of anyone interested, no matter the tower rank in helping grow and shape the program.

If you have any questions or concerns please reach out to me at @

I hope to see you all on the committee when we decide to launch (probably late August)

Thank you,


The Department currently has the following drives going on:

Voice Drive

Thousands of people around the world are voiceless due to medical issues or disability. The classic example is Stephen Hawking: Due to his disease, he could not speak and needed to use a machine to express himself.

In the past, the voices available to the voiceless have sounded obviously computer-generated; nothing like a human voice.

VocaliD is a company that crowdsources voices for use in creating voices for the voiceless. They can combine different voices to create the voice that the voiceless person likes, which that person can then use to communicate.

We are holding a Voice Drive: Rather than a fund drive that gathers funds, a Voice Drive gathers voices. You donate your voice by reading passages from stories and TED Talks into VocaliD's website using an over-the-ear headset.

For more information head over to "THIS POST" in Site Announcements The drive ends Thursday, August 16.

Blood Drive

Every year since 2013, we have provided an annual blood drive to support those that give blood regularly and to encourage new donators. We recognize that this isn’t for everyone, and not everyone is able to give blood. Yet there are those that can. One of the problems that most Blood Banks run into is that people only give blood after major disasters, and usually just once. Blood is often needed year-round for minor tragedies that we never even know about. It has a short shelf life and when major crises hit they need every drop.'s year-long event is designed to address these needs so that, as a community, we are preparing instead of reacting. Blood Drive information: HERE