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This TarValon.Net page is no longer being actively updated.

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Department of Community Outreach
2009 - 2022
Positions within the Department


This Department was responsible for TarValon.Net's online events, organizing the official fundraisers and philanthropic efforts for the community, and recognizing the good works done by our members. It was created in 2009 and dissolved in 2022.

Programs within the Department

Philanthropic Efforts

Servants of All
Main article: Servant of All

Servants of All is a program to encourage our members to participate in philanthropic activities outside of our organization. Members will receive recognition for donating money/goods, volunteering their time, and doing other charity work in their communities. This is currently being worked on by the Planning Committee and will later be run by the Servant of All Staff.

The Robert Jordan Memorial Scholarship
Main article: Robert Jordan Memorial Scholarship

The Annual Robert Jordan Memorial Scholarship is awarded each Summer to two eligible students. The application process is facilitated by the Director of Community Outreach. The scholarship amount varies annually between $250 and $1,000 USD.

Main article: Maintaining the Tower Fundraiser

The Maintaining the Tower fundraiser is held annually in the summer, and it is the main fundraiser within TarValon.Net. It was formerly called the Annual Fundraiser and the Summer Fundraiser but in 2014 the name was officially changed to Maintaining the Tower. This annual fundraiser is aimed to cover the operational expenses of the community, fund the Robert Jordan Memorial Scholarship, and ensure our ability to lock in the best pricing for future events. It is the monetary support that keeps our community functioning.

Fundraiser themes:

  • 2016 Pugs vs. Kittens
  • 2015 .GIF Off
  • 2014 Fundraiser Against Humanity
  • 2013 Bacon Versus Chocolate
  • 2012 The Tower Still Stands
  • 2010 Seanchan Invasion

Blood Drive
Main article: Blood Drive

The department hosts an annual blood drive, encouraging members to donate to blood banks in their respective countries.

Online Events

Outreach Activities Team
Main article: Outreach Activities

TarValon.Net has two regular freeweeks annually, Bel Tine and Shaoman, in which some of the rules are relaxed and groups get to dress up in themes. These free weeks are organized by the Outreach Activities Team. The Outreach Activities Team creates an over all theme for the freeweek and comes up with games, challenges, graphics prizes, and other fun ways to get all members of the community involved.

Game Masters
Main article: Game Master

Outside the freeweeks, there are games run on the forums and in our official chat server on Discord. The games include Mafia and Assassins games (forum based), and other games depending on interest within the community, both forum-based and via Discord. These games are planned and executed by the Game Masters.

Feast of Lights
Main article: Feast of Lights Fundraiser

Traditionally the Department of Community Outreach has also organized the annual Feast of Lights fundraiser where members of TarValon.Net collaborate to financially support a globally active non-profit organization. In 2014 the annual Feast of Lights event changed from a monetary fundraiser to a charitable giving campaign focused on matching members with local extensions of similarly globally focused non-profit organizations, and the collection of goods.


Main article: Department of Community Outreach (History)
Department History

The Department of Community Outreach was created after the 2011 Admin Meeting. It was transitioned from the Department of Philanthropy and part of the Department of Community Development. The Department is to put more emphasis on member projects. The former Online Events Team became the Outreach Activities Team to better reflect its updated mission of promoting not only the Wheel of Time themed festivals but also holidays and philanthropic activities.

Helping Hands

Following the incorporation and tax-exempt status of TarValon.Net, Inc, the Helping Hands program was terminated in 2011 when the departments of Community Development and Philanthropy were merged.

Positions with the Department

Main article: Department of Community Outreach (Positions)

The department had three Administrator level positions:

Game Masters

Game Masters ran and facilitated the running of Mafia and Assassins games. They also ran other games depending on interest within the community, both forum-based and via Discord. Game Masters monitored the Frivolous Fun and Virtual Events forums.

Servant of All Coordinator

The Servant of All Coordinator worked directly with the Director of Community Outreach on the internal functions of the department. This includes pop-up fundraisers, awareness events, and emergency response, as well as managing the Servant of All Team.

Outreach Activities Coordinator

The Outreach Activities Coordinator organized the planning, preparation, and execution of the community's official online events as well as events of all sizes to promote our philanthropic and charitable endeavors.