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Shaoman this year occurred from October 14th to the 23rd, extending an additional two days due to Fall Ball weekend interfering with ______. There were several official tournaments hosted, including two chat events in #oldewarderandhen - Apples to Apples and Trivia - as well as other contests that happened on the forum: a signature contest, four costume contests, and a group avatar theme competition. Three community groups hosted unofficial events, and there were other events for people to participate in as well in the Faire Grounds.

Official Contests & Tournaments

Apples to Apples Tournament

An Apples to Apples tournament was hosted in #oldewarderandhen. The results follow:

  • 1st place: Jeffan
  • 2nd place: Amarande
  • 3rd place: Anigrel & Kassidy
  • Runner-ups: Darian, Enya & Imzadi

Other participants: Keisha, Nymala, Winterdawn, Belgareth, Loraella, Shylizard, Aryela, Bryce, Ilverin, Jayson, Mical, Nymala, Shariyan & Tree

Group Avatar Theme Competition

Winner: San d'ma Shadar as Epic Battle Bears

Signature Contest

As with every festival, a contest was held to choose the next event's official signature. There were three entries.

  • Shaoman11SC1.jpg
  • Shaoman11SC2.png
  • Shaoman11SC3.png

Costume Contests

There were four separate costume contests held this year. Follows are the categories and the entries for each category.

Winners of the costume contests. From top left; Aloren's son (Children winner), Miya's daughter (Cute winner), Ara (Scary winner) & Ajailyn (WoT winner).


  • Aloren's son as a cow (winner)
  • Belgareth as Oliver Twist
  • Loraella as a cat
  • Samarisin's children as Wonder Woman and Wolverine
  • Sarramy's daughter as a bride
  • Sikozu in a Purim Outfit
  • Vella's daughter as a pumpkin


  • Ajailyn as a doll
  • Miya's daughter as an s'redit (winner)


  • Ara as a Steel Inquisitor from Mistborn (winner)
  • Leese as a Care Bear
  • Azi as a zombie
  • Pol as a zombie
  • Vella as a sexy zombie nurse

Wheel of Time

  • Ajailyn as an Accepted (winner)
  • Bryher as Nynaeve
  • Sikozu as a Yellow Aes Sedai

Trivia Contest

A trivia contest was held in #oldewarderandhen. Contestants had to answer trivia questions regarding "spooky" things. Trivia ran for three days, with winners being chosen for each day as well as an overall winner.

  • Monday's winner: Loraella
  • Tuesday's winner: Belgareth
  • Wednesday's winner: Belgareth
  • 1st place: Belgareth
  • 2nd place: Loraella
  • Runner-ups: Zimone, Roheryn & Bryher

Other participants: Nandi, Arie, Aria, Deoan, Wil, Laralelle, Shylizard, Adolla, Narysse, Jeffan, Alaren, Anigrel, Aloren, Kassidy, Kitan, Pol, Mathei, Imzadi, Nymala, Alyria, Stephen, Sean, Kazayha, and Erin.

Unofficial Contests

The Gray Ajah

Where's Waldo Contest
  • Winner: Stephan
Where's Waldo Puzzle Contest
  • Winners: Enya & Jeffan

The Green Ajah

Which Witch is Which Contest
  • Winner: Jeffan

The White Ajah

Guess the Jessica
  • Winner: Jeffan
  • Runner-up: Imzadi
Jessica Coloring Contest
  • Winner: Gollaith

Other contestants: Keladria, Belgareth, Sarramy, Kassidy, Loraella, Jeffan & Prewan.

Pick-up Line Contest
  • Winner: Taelinn
  • Runner-up: Jeffan

Other contestants: Nymala, Imzadi, Areandara, Azi & Belgareth.

Other Events

Mad Scientist

Monster Mash Match Up

A "Monster Mash Match Up" was held, pairing off people and giving them clues to post in a thread in the Faire Grounds to try and deduce their matches. A full list of matches, along with the questionnaire, can be found on the Monster Mash Match Up page.

Feast of Lights Faire Ground Fairy Avatar Contest

Along with the signature contest, people were asked to dress up the Faire Ground Fairy's avatar into something appropriate for the Feast of Lights festival held in December/January. However, no entries were received.

Ghost Story Round

A ghost story, featuring our favorite trolloc, Narg, was hosted during Shaoman. It was told in a round, where each person posted 2-3 sentences based only off of the previous post's information (or a bit further back if they need clarification). The entire story can be read on the Ghost Story Round page.


A sampling of avatars from this year's Shaoman

The Blue Ajah as "The Dark Blue Ajah"

The Blue Ajah posted a thread in the Faire Grounds inviting people to join the Dark Blue/Black Ajah. Much Caps-lock occurred!

The Brown Ajah as "B-Movie Horror Fest"

The Brown Ajah played clips from cult films such as Carrie, Plan 9 From Outer Space & Dracula vs. Frankenstein.

The Gray Ajah as "Where's Waldo?"

Description needed.

The Green Ajah as "Witches"

The Green Ajah brewed potions, disguised as alcoholic beverages, that had hidden results for the person who drank them.

The Red Ajah as "Deadly Ponies"

The Red Ajah were My Little Pony ponies, where Leese played the role of "Lis the Ripper" whose quest was to kill all of the ponies.

The White Ajah as "Jessica Rabbits"

The White Ajah were various Jessica Rabbit's, from the film Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

The Yellow Ajah as "Escape from Arkham Asylum"

The Yellow Ajah were various characters from Batman that have been locked away in Arkham Asylum and have now escaped.

Dai M'Hael as "Dark Lords of the Sith"

Few Dai M'Hael Gaidin participated in Shaoman this year, and no thread was created.

Mahdi'in d'ma Dieb as "Nothing"

Mahdi'in d'ma Dieb did not participate in Shaoman this year.

San d'ma Shadar as "Epic Battle Bears"

San d'ma Shadar were dressed as Epic War Bears, setting up a thread in the Faire Grounds asking for offerings to spare people from the havoc they could wreck.

Val'Cueran as "Doctors"

Val'Cueran were various doctors, such as Dr. Cox from Scrubs and Dr. Hannibal Lecter from Silence of the Lambs. They offered various "cures" to those with ailments.

The Citizens as "Seuss-izens"

A few citizens dressed as characters from Dr. Seuss and recited rhymes.

The Novices as "Nuns"

The Novices opened up a "Hail Mary Pub" where they offered drinks to anyone who came in.

The Accepted as "Care Bears"

The Accepted dressed as Care Bears, though no thread was created in the Faire Grounds.

The Garrison as "Zombies"

The Garrison teamed up this year to become zombies. A thread was posted in the Faire Grounds where they terrorized and ate people.