Shaoman 2010

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Shaoman 2010 was held between October 22 and October 30.

Activities included:

  • A masquerade match-up where you got new clues every day and should try to find your masquerade partner.
  • A masquerade chat event where no one had their usual nicks and you should try to find out who the others were.
  • A prank contest for the Junior Members.
  • Asking the Faire Ground Fairy to send a trick or a treat to your friends.
  • Wheel of Time Word Search, Wheel of Time Curses Word Scramble and other similar puzzles.
  • A choose your own adventure story, where a poll determined how the story would develop.
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The official signature for Shaoman 2010, created by Myralin al'Ser.


One of the White Ajah's avatars.
One of San d'ma Shadar's avatars.


Outstanding Participants

Feast of Lights Sig Contest

  1. Erin al'Denael
  2. Enya Tawarwaith, Myralin al'Ser and Aldus Tyloredrid

Capture the Flag Game

The White Tower team

Prank Contest

Nosy Novices


Best Theme

1. The Blue Ajah


2. The Green Ajah