Shaoman 2021

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Shaoman 2021 was held from October 22 until October 31. The theme of the freeweek was Trolloc bands mash-ups, aka Trolloc bands with a twist. There were 5 events run in total members from all teams participated in all of them. This year Shaoman's teams were chosen after each member who wished to participate in the freeweek signed up; assigning of team members was randomized. People were assigned to 4 different teams.


Each event (group or individual) during Shaoman earned points towards the team the member played for.

  • Group Theme Contest
  • Logic puzzles
  • Boasting contest
  • Clue game
  • Digital Escape Room
  • Writing contest - Shaoman Stories


  • Team 1: Bebak'gar Shen: Cute or Stealthy, Always Deadly
  • Team 2: The Tralalalollocs
  • Team 3: Trolloc! At the Disco!
  • Team 4: Nombies