Shaoman 2022

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Shaoman 2023 was held from October 23 until October 29. The theme of the freeweek was Cryptids: Things That Go BUMP in the Tower. This year Shaoman had seven events running; Logic Puzzle, "Hunting" Puzzle, Cryptid Poetry Contest, Cryptid Hunt, a Playlist Thread, Word Search, a searching game, group theme contest, and Cryptoquote


Each event (group or individual) during Shaoman earned points towards the team the member played for.

  • An Ode to Cryptids
  • Cryptid Sightings
  • Cryptid Word Search
  • CRYPTOquote
  • Hunting Puzzle
  • Spamathon
  • Logic Puzzles
  • Member Group Theme Contest
  • The Cursed(?) Mixtape: Help Build the Shaoman 2022 Playlist!