So Habor

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Author: Leora Oldessroth


So Habor is a river town in Altara (CoT, Ch. 5; Ch. 26).

According to Masema, the town contains around three or four thousand people (CoT, Ch. 7). When Perrin visits, the food in the granaries are decaying and the people are troubled by the dead walking (CoT, Ch. 26).

City Layout and Buildings


The town lies hard against the river and is encircled by two massive stone walls, the inner wall being taller than the outer wall. Battlements top the walls (CoT, Ch. 26).

A wharf runs from bridge to bridge along the river. The bridges are tall enough so that a barge can sail under them; the bridges lead to black iron-strapped gates into the city. The bridge-gates are the only way in (CoT, Ch. 26).

Some of the dirty streets are quite wide for a town of So Habor’s size, but they feel close. Stone buildings of two and three stories seem to loom up on either side (CoT, Ch. 26).


  • The Golden Barge Inn (three stories made of gray stone with a slate roof) (CoT, Ch. 26)
  • Grain warehouses

People and Customs

Characters from So Habor