The Dragon Reborn: Chapter 45

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Author: Val a'Shain

Lion Chapter Icon.png


Chapter Icon: The Lion of Andor

Point of View: Mat

Setting: Caemlyn, Andor.

Characters: Mat, Thom, Basel Gill


Mat and Thom arrive in Caemlyn and Mat goes to deliver Elayne's letter.


Mat and Thom enter Caemlyn. He vaguely remembers the city from his earlier visit but he was in no condition to appreciate it then. After riding all night Thom wants to get to The Queen's Blessing for a meal and a bed. Mat sees no point in waiting to deliver the letter and goes to the palace straight away. When he gets to the gate he gets as far as mentioning Tar Valon before the guard cuts him off by saying the Queen wants nothing to do with the White Tower until they return the Daughter-Heir. They get into an argument and the guard wants to get him arrested. Mat turns his horse and outpaces them easily. There is nothing for it but to join Thom in The Queens' Blessing. He should have mentioned Elayne's name outright.

Mat finds Thom in the library of the inn playing stones with the innkeeper Basel Gill. Gill remembers Mat but not much more than that he was sick last time he stayed in the inn. Considering the company he left with that is probably a good thing. Mat comments Aes Sedai are not very well liked at the moment it seems. Basel Gill replies that Morgase's new advisor, Lord Gaebril, doesn't like Tar Valon in the least. Gareth Bryne doesn't like the man so he left the city. Mat says he just has to avoid the guards delivering the letter. Thom is surprised he hasn't already. Gill now wants to know what letter they are talking about. Mat tells him it is from Elayne and that he doesn't think she'll be returning for a while. Gill advises him to wait till the guards have been changed but Mat tells him to have a hot meal ready when he gets back. He doesn't intend to talk to the guards again.


Character Development

  • He thinks that on his first visit, Caemlyn sounded to loud but now it sounds like a heart pumping wealth
  • He thinks he always intends to read, but never gets round to it


  • It is mentioned that Rand looks a lot like Tigraine, who vanished decades earlier

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