The Queen's Blessing

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A similar entry appears in the Wheel of Time Companion confirming the information available in the main story arc.


The Queen's Blessing is an inn in Caemlyn. The innkeeper is a man named Basel Gill. (TEotW, Ch. 35)

It is on the opposite side of the New City to The Crown and Lion (TEotW, Ch. 40).

It is a broad stone building. The sign over the door is a man kneeling before a woman with red-gold hair and a crown, one of her hands resting on his bowed head. It has a large common room with two hearths (TEotW, Ch. 35). It has a large library, with three or four hundred books (TEotW, Ch. 36). The rear wall of the stable is a secret exit leading to a narrow run between buildings (TEotW, Ch. 44).


Rand and Mat stay there, at Thom's recommendation, when they are separated from the others (TEotW, Ch. 35). They meet Loial (TEotW, Ch. 36) and the rest of the party catch up to them eventually here (TEotW, Ch. 41).

Mat and Thom briefly stay there while on their way to Tear from Tar Valon (TDR, Ch. 45).

When Morgase escapes Rahvin, she meets up with Gill and Lamgwin at the Queen's Blessing, though she thinks the cheeks on the woman in the sign are too fat (TFoH, Ch. 19).

Basel closes the Inn when he leaves Caemlyn with Morgase (ToM, Ch. 8).


Basel Gill - Innkeeper

Coline - The cook

Lamgwin Dorn - Doorman

Gilda - a serving maid

Ramey - Stableman