The Dragon Reborn: Chapter 52

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Author: Atarah al'Norahn

Harp Chapter Icon.png

In Search of a Remedy

Chapter Icon: A Harp

Point of View: Mat

Setting: Tear

Characters: Mat, Thom, Ailhuin Guenna


Mat finds Mother Guenna while looking for someone to heal Thom. After hearing what happened to the girls, he decides to rescue them.


Concerned about Thom's cough, which is getting worse, Mat takes him to see Mother Guenna. Thom complains, saying that he doesn't need any help, but his cough has become debilitating and he can barely stand up for the coughing.

At Mother Guenna's, Mat notices horse and carriage tracks in front of the house (from when Egwene, Elayne and Nynaeve were taken to the Stone of Tear), which is odd because Tairens don't generally use horses for heavier work. He also notices that there are three horses tied at the back of the house, which, though he doesn't know it, belong to the three girls he is looking for.

After giving Thom a foul tasting tea to help with his cough, Mother Guenna lets it slip that she knew three girls, two with accents like Mat's. Mat, after promising to tell no one that Mother Guenna has helped him, manages to get information about Egwene, Elayne and Nynaeve out of her, and learns that they were taken by Aes Sedai to the Stone of Tear. At first, Mat is not concerned that they were taken away by Aes Sedai, but Mother Guenna informs him that the girls fought fiercely to avoid being taken. Mat decides that he will rescue the girls from the Stone of Tear, and leaves Thom with Mother Guenna, since he is too sick to help.

As he walks through the city after leaving Mother Guenna's house, Mat can feel the dice tumbling inside his head.


Character Development

  • Again, when he hears they are in trouble, he decides to save them without a second thought
  • He hears dice tumbling in his head when he makes the decision.


  • Mother Guenna mentions two of the girls had the same accent as Mat

Either Elayne doesn't have an Andoran accent, or Mother Guenna is really good with accents

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