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A similar entry appears in the Wheel of Time Companion confirming the information available in the main story arc.

Author: Atarah al'Norahn


Ailhuin Guenna is a Tairen Wise Woman who lives in the city of Tear. She is known to many as Mother Guenna.

At first glance, Ailhuin looks stout, but she is really just well muscled. Nynaeve thinks that she looks as strong as Alsbet Luhhan. Her gray hair is arranged in thick curls that hang down the sides of her head.

Ailhuin has three daughters, all married. She lost her husband nearly twenty years ago, in a storm in the Fingers of the Dragon.

(Reference: The Dragon Reborn, Chapter 48)


  • Nynaeve, Egwene and Elayne stop at her home when Nynaeve recognizes the herbs hanging in her window to mean that she is a Wise Woman, or something similar. Under the pretense of needing something for a queasy stomach, the three enter her house. Nynaeve and Ailhuin proceed to quiz each other about different herbs. She invites the three to come see her again, since she has enjoyed their company. Nynaeve says that, if she has a spare bedroom, they would like to rent it. Ailhuin tells them that, if she decides to give them the room, they will not have to pay for it. She wants to know why they are there, since it is obvious that they are from far off. Nynaeve says that they are chasing some people who stole things from her mother, and who have done murder, as well. Ailhuin recommends that they speak to a thief-catcher named Juilin Sandar, who can help them, and agrees to let them have the room. She leaves to find Juilin TDR, Ch. 48).
  • Ailhuin returns with Juilin Sandar. The girls tell him what they want, and they describe the thirteen Black Sisters to him. Nynaeve tells him that these women are dangerous, and that if he is found, he will die, and that if he is captured, they will make him tell them where Nynaeve, Elayne, and Egwene are, and that Ailhuin will probably die, as well. She looks disbelieving at this (TDR, Ch. 49).
  • That night, Nynaeve and Ailhuin talk more about herbs (TDR, Ch. 49).
  • When Nynaeve returns from the market place, a very nervous Juilin Sandar tells her that he has found the women he was set to find. They go into the house, and Nynaeve sees Ailhuin tied to a chair with weaves of Air, looking very angry and afraid. After Nynaeve is subdued, Rianna announces that they do not need Ailhuin, and so she will stop her heart, but Liandrin protests, saying that Rianna is too quick to kill. Liandrin then tells Ailhuin that the High Lord Samon will be very displeased if she speaks about what happened today, and that if she speaks, she will die. Ailhuin agrees to hold her tongue, telling Nynaeve that it will do no good if she speaks. Nynaeve replies that it is all right, and that she knows Ailhuin would help if she could (TDR, Ch. 51).
  • Three hours later, Mat shows up at Ailhuin's house with Thom, looking for a cure for Thom's cough. By chance, he learns that Egwene, Elayne, and Nynaeve had been staying with Ailhuin. She says that she cannot tell Mat about them, because if she does, she will die very painfully. He swears he will not tell anyone, and she finally gives in and tells him that Egwene, Elayne, and Nynaeve were taken to the Stone of Tear by Aes Sedai. Mat goes to rescue them, leaving Thom with Ailhuin (TDR, Ch. 52).
  • After the events in the Stone of Tear, Juilin goes to tell Ailhuin what has happened (TDR, Ch. 56).


She enjoys the company of Nynaeve, Egwene, and Elayne (TDR, Ch. 48). When Mat meets Ailhuin, she sighs when speaking of Egwene, Elayne, and Nynaeve, and she seems to very much regret what has happened to them (TDR, Ch. 52).

Ailhuin seems to have a good relationship with Juilin. He says that he owes her favors (TDR, Ch. 49).


  • She thinks that men are not much good for anything beyond heavy hauling, getting in the way, and kissing and such, but if there is a battle to be fought or a thief to catch, they should be the ones to do it (TDR, Ch. 48).


A woman opened the door just enough to look out suspiciously. At first Egwene thought she was stout, but then the woman opened the door the rest of the way. She was certainly well padded, but the way she moved spoke of muscle underneath. She looked as strong as Mistress Luhhan, and some in Emond's Field claimed Alsbet Luhhan was almost as strong as her husband. It was not true, but it was not far wrong. (Egwene; The Dragon Reborn, Chapter 48).

"I tell them they have to bring the other one here with them, the one they argue with. Both expect me to quiet the other's tongue." Despite herself, Egwene was listening. She noticed Nynaeve seemed to be paying sharp attention, as well. "When they have paid me," Mother Guenna continued, flexing one hefty arm, "I take them out back and stick their heads in my rain barrel till they agree to stop their arguing." (Ailhuin when Elayne asks how she makes two people stop arguing; The Dragon Reborn, Chapter 48).

Ailhuin waved it all away with a sniff. "Of the four most dangerous folk I know, two are women who never carry as much as a knife, and only one of the men is a swordsman. As for Darkfriends... Maryim, when you are as old as I, you'll learn that false Dragons are dangerous, lionfish are dangerous, sharks are dangerous, and sudden storms out of the south; but Darkfriends are fools. Filthy fools, but fools. The Dark One is locked up where the Creator put him, and no Fetches or fangfish to scare children will get him out. Fools don't frighten me unless they're working the boat I'm riding. I suppose you don't have any proof you could take to the Defenders of the Stone? It would be just your word against theirs?" (Ailhuin to Nynaeve, Elayne, and Egwene; The Dragon Reborn, Chapter 48).

Suddenly Ailhuin could move her head. She shook her gray curls, working her mouth. "I... I will hold my tongue," she said dejectedly, then gave Nynaeve an embarrassed, shamed look. "If I speak, what good will it do? A High Lord could have my head by raising an eyebrow. What good can I do you, girl? What good?" (Ailhuin to Liandrin, Rianna, and Nynaeve; The Dragon Reborn, Chapter 51).

Mother Guenna brewed some sort of strong tea with a rank smell and forced it down Thom's throat, holding his nose when he tried to complain. Mat decided she had less fat on her than he had thought, from the way she held the gleeman's head steady in the crook of one arm while she poured the black liquid into him no matter how hard he tried to stop her. (Mat; The Dragon Reborn, Chapter 52).