The Dragon Reborn: Chapter 7

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Author: Val a'Shain

Flame of Tar Valon Chapter Icon.png

The Way Out of the Mountains

Chapter Icon: Flame of Tar Valon

Point of View: Perrin

Setting: The Mountains of Mist, Ghealdan

Characters: Perrin, Moiraine, Lan, Loial


The group chase after Rand, who manages to stay ahead of them.


The first part of their journey trying to catch up with Rand is almost boring. They travel through the uninhabited Mountains of Mist. Moiraine presses the party to go as fast as they can. Lan spends most of his time scouting ahead. Despite their speed Perrin sees no trace of Rand.

Perrin finds he cannot maintain his stance of defiance against Moiraine and to his annoyance he finds himself carrying out all her requests. When the party moves into inhabited areas in Ghealdan, Lan takes off his Warder cloak and stays with the company more. The journey remains uneventful until they reach the town of Jarra near the Amadician border.


Character Development


He intends to stand up to Moiraine, but isn't quite able to do so. She manipulates him fairly easily


  • Grasslark
  • Robin
  • White Maiden's Hope
  • Pink Jumpup


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How does Moiraine get the trout?

Something of the One Power, possibly one of the secret Blue weaves.

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