The Dragon Reborn: Chapter 9

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Author: Val a'Shain

Dragon's Fang Chapter Icon.png

Wolf Dreams

Chapter Icon: Dragon's Fang

Points of view: Perrin, Rand


Perrin enters the Wolfdream.


Perrin's Point of View:

Setting: Jarra

Characters: Perrin, Moiraine, Hopper, Lanfear

After Perrin gets back to the inn he decides to talk to Moiraine about the wolves. Moiraine has been expecting him. She tells him even Aes Sedai don't know much about people who can talk to wolves. She is willing to tell him what she does know though. Moiraine tells wolves live partly in the World of Dreams and that Aes Sedai with the Talent of Dreaming sometimes found wolves to be their guides. She warns him to be careful both awake and asleep.

Perrin goes back to his room to sleep. As soon as he falls asleep he finds himself in a wolfdream. He sees Hopper, a wolf once part of the pack Elyas runs with but now dead. Hopper warns him of danger and tells him to run. Perrin runs even though he doesn't know for what. He meets a man in the dream who tells him to be gone. The man dies a horrible bloody death and Perrin runs on. The next person he sees is a beautiful woman dressed in white with raven black hair. The woman in surprised to see him and want him gone too before he can ruin things he 'could not begin to imagine'. Perrin runs again. Hopper tells him he should leave the dream. To make Perrin go Hopper attacks him.

Perrin wakes up with his clothes covered in blood. He takes off the clothes and opens the windows to make sure his sleep will be light enough not to get into another Wolfdream. He is determined to stay away from the wolves from now on.

Rand's Point of View:

Setting: World of Dreams

Characters: Rand

Rand is somewhere in a forest hiding from a pack of dogs hunting him. He patiently waits for one to get close enough and then kills it with the One Power. The One Power comes to him and he succeeds. It doesn't always work but he is learning. Who ever is hunting him will find he is no longer easy meat. Ignoring his wounds and the cold Rand continues his way east.


Character Development


He realises Hopper is around.


Who was the black-haired woman? Was she the one Min warned him about?

Probably Lanfear.

How did the blood in Perrin's dream become real blood?


This section contains Notes on this Chapter which may contain spoilers. Please expand to view.


Moiraine tells Perrin that the Shielding of Aes Sedai dreams is for dreams from the outside.

This seems inconsistent with Graendal being able to use Compulsion in Gareth Bryne's dreams before the Last Battle. Just what kind of protection from dreams to Warders get?

Does Rand use balefire on the Darkhounds?

The description matches

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